We apply our expertise and experience daily in creating lighting projects. Our ideas are developed by sharing our extensive experience. Our creativity as lighting designers and the synergy between everyone involved is what drives our successful way of working. We are a group of passionate and close-knit professionals who can guide you towards the best original and innovative lighting solutions while considering event needs and organisation. Continual collaboration and constant and proactive visual skills enable our designers, project managers and technicians to create, share, and deliver memorable shows.

Our core business is executing lighting projects that combine functionality and aesthetics as well as creativity and technology. As lighting designers, we design the lighting part of an event, be it a concert, exhibition, TV or other show. To do this, we use the best and most requested lighting technology solutions available. We use WYSIWYG software for lighting scenography and AutoCAD programs to manage lights and shadows as well as to provide cover for scenographic videos.


We rely on experienced and competent personnel who are used to creating lighting projects  that can satisfy and meet customer requests. This means guaranteeing great value-added for any organised live event. The lighting designers at M2L Società Cooperativa allow you to make a live show even more exciting, interactive and vibrant. They do this by providing well-thought-out and expert lighting solutions which use colour and effects based on hi-tech and cutting-edge elements.


We create and design lighting systems for concerts, theatre, television and various other types of shows. We deal with the lighting programming of the show. This includes creating the 3D structure (moving lights and actions) through the use of programming tools. This lighting programming for events is always essential to their success. It also assures that the audience appreciates and remembers the experience over time. With show lighting, once a program starts up with automatic lighting-device programming, we continue to monitor system performance and provide on-the-spot changes if necessary. Research, innovation, creativity and high-tech performances with great visual and emotional impact—these are the pillars of our profession and we carry these principles forward with interest and passion.

Lighting design is the process of designing and implementing lighting systems (with artificial, natural, mixed or artificial-natural light) aimed at fulfilling various purposes. In our case, we oversee lighting programming for live shows or musical, theatre or television entertainment. Being professionals in the event-lighting programming sector  means knowing the basics of lighting technology by heart as well as all the most up-to-date and cutting-edge solutions. In fact, the event and show-lighting sector is a world in constant evolution due to its technical aspects, which are continually being updated and renewed. In recent years, research has aimed at producing new applications for automated or semi-automated artificial lighting and M2L specialises in this area.