During a show, alternating between light and shadow must be carefully calibrated Illumination and darkness must be expertly controlled. This involves creating a sensitive interplay of both with the right timing, for example, to create a surprise exit which will move the audience and remain in their memories.


It’s important to note that in our work, you have to know how to calibrate the scene. We need to carry out a painstaking study of each element in creating any lighting project.Yet, we also have to be able to cope with the unexpected at any moment. At M2L, we are able to deal with any problem related to stage lighting systems, whether it’s theatre stage lights or LED lights for other performances. We can make the magic happen with our professional LED illuminators and any other type of lighting fixtures.



GX 2C is designed to be the technology of the future. Developed with the most powerful GPU available today, capable of supporting 38,433 Notchmarks, allows to create increasingly immersive and dynamic graphic projects, enriched by visual effects and with a resolution never seen before. The two 4K outputs and 8 HD inputs allow to support, capture and convert live content and video in HDR and 10-bit in real time. A single powerful tool for the shows of the future.

GX 2


GX 2 is the technology that allows you to create, simulate, render, and modify, in real time, even the most complex graphic projects. Thanks to the exclusive Notch features, you can create incredible visual effects that will enrich the design of each reproduction. Two 4K and eight HD outputs guarantee a highly professional and visually satisfying resolution.

4×4 pro


The 4x4pro is a cutting-edge pro-range device offering power and convenience.
Equipped with multiple inputs and outputs, it can play as many as 32 levels of HD content in record quality and time. With two 10 Gbit Ethernet connections/sec, the 4x4pro makes it possible to transfer heavy files in minutes.

GrandMA Consolles

GrandMA Consolles_def

GrandMa Consoles meet the needs of any lighting professional and succeed in combining the power of lighting and video. There are 6 different versions, but they have the same software.

  • GrandMa2 full-size
  • GrandMa2 light
  • GrandMa2 ultralight
  • GrandMa2 replay unit
  • Network Processing Units
  • Video Processing Unit

WYSIWYG Workstations


WYSIWYG Workstations consists of  CAD tools that make 3D visualisation possible in real time. DMX, SaCN, Art-Net, CITP, Laser and Motion control over Ethernet protocols make it possible to connect to other controllers. Lighting, video and laser are thus, perfectly coordinated during each event.



Since 2005, MADRIX has been a performance software capable of controlling professional LED illuminators. The result of precision German engineering, it makes possible an enchanting interplay of automatic light which captivates the viewer. Whether it’s LED lighting fixtures for concerts or theatre stage lights, the result will be a harmonious and astonishing synergy between sounds and colours, lights and shadows.

DMX based output:

  • Art-Net I, II, III (Unicast & Broadcast)
  • DMX512
  • Insta/ROBE Protocols
  • Philips Color Kinetics
  • KiNET (V1 / V2)
  • Philips Hue
  • Streaming ACN (sACN / E1.31) (Multicast)


DVI-based output:

  • ColourSmart Links
  • Colorlight A8
  • Colorlight 5A
  • Colorlight T9
  • DVI (VGA, HDMI, etc.)
  • Eurolite T9



Catalyst is a powerful image processing software. It’s not the classic photo editor, but much more. It is able to control film or image playback through LED screens or devices suitable for multimedia projection and allows applying a wide range of visual effects.

  • Simple and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • 40 digital levels with full effect capabilities at each level
  • High definition support (HD and 4K)
  • Films or photos up to 14M Pixels, including 4K playback
  • Multi-level playback capability
  • QuickTime compatible codecs: ProRes Proxy, LT, 422, HQ 444, AIC, uncompressed 4444, Animation
  • JPEG, TIFF, and PSD supported transparency
  • 32 sub-mixes, allowing independent allocation of levels to multiple outputs
  • Global Keystone or 3D Geometry
  • Support for Datapath X4, Matrox Dual and Triple Head-2-Go
  • Real-time colour effects rendering
  • Real-time visuals rendering
  • Text Generator
  • UV texture mapping of the 3D object
  • Exact Mix maps
  • Support for Active Silicon Phoenix allowing up to 8 SD / HD-SDI video inputs
  • Dynamic video output to DMX LED devices via artnet
  • 256 universes of DMX projectors
  • 15,000 LED DMX devices
  • ntuitive pixel mapping with sub-mix
  • Mac OSX